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Smart Deal Auto knows that you need a car, even if you have challenges with your credit.  Smart Deal Auto is here to help!

We are able to help a with you with your credit problems and have a number of different options, in-house financing contacts, and ways to help you get a car, regardless of your credit situation.  Our collective knowledge of the automotive industry, and credit-work-around offers you a smarter way to find the best deal on automobiles. 


Our Credit Fix Options:



Are you new to Canada? If you are, you likely have NO CREDIT history, which is going to make getting a quality car a problem.  Smart Deal Auto is your solution for Newcomers to Canada with No Credit History.

Whether you are here as an International Student going to university, or have arrived in Canada to make a new life for you and your family, we welcome you and can find you a smart way of acquiring a new quality car without having to worry about No Credit history. 

Smart Deal Auto can get you your car in just days!

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Smart Deal Auto brokers know that sometimes bad things happen to good people.  Maybe you fell behind a couple of payments now and then, or perhaps you have decent credit, but not good enough to get a car directly from the dealerships without a broker.  If this is you, we have GOOD NEWS!

Having Bad Credit does not stop you from getting a car, all we have to do is assess your situation and with the help of our Smart Deal Auto team of brokers, just find you a deal for a car that meets your needs and falls within your budget.  We will find some options for you, and help you get the smartest deal for your situation.

Smart Deal Auto can give you options to work around your Bad Credit!

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O% Down

If you are in a position where you can easily afford the monthly payments but do not have the liquid funds for a down payment, well Smart Deal Auto has solutions for you. 

No down payment? Not a problem! Let us help you drive away your new car in just a few day.

Smart Deal Auto can give you options to that do not require a Down Payment!

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When experiencing a bankruptcy you won’t be able to own a car, but you still NEED A CAR.  You have to get to school, to work, to pick up the kids, and to meet your obligations so that you do not stay bankrupt.

Although bankruptcy is temporary, your need for a car is very constant, very real, and very much an immediate priority.

Smart Deal Auto can help you get access to the cars that meet your needs and budget, so that you can have the car today while you re-build yourself and your future.

Smart Deal Auto can give you options to get a car even if you are bankrupt!


loans for discharged bankrupts



No Matter What your Credit Situation is, Smart Deal Auto has a number of Credit Fix options with the means to help you.  Smart Deal Auto is ready to work with you and Get You A Car.

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