Lease Transfers

Sometimes a person who is signed into a Lease has a need to be released from that Lease.

That person would be seeking a Lease Transfer.  This means they want to transfer the lease over to someone else who will take over the lease and the car.

There are a number of reasons that a person might seek a Lease Transfer.

Some include:

  • A growing family.  With a new spouse or new baby on the way, you need to accommodate the bigger family
  • Loss of employment/Income (an unexpected layoff could mean a budget restricting)
  • Loss of health or injury. If you are unable to drive due to a loss of mobility, it does not make sense to have a car
  • Moving. If you have taken a new job in another country, best to transfer the lease before you leave
  • You have acquired a new car (you were assigned a company car, or inherited one)
  • Divorce. You may need to get a car that can support your new parenting schedule

Smart Deal Auto has a network of contacts who may be interested in taking over your lease.

Our brokers will get you the best deal possible for a speedy and efficient Lease Transfer.


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