Lease A Vehicle

Did you know that a growing percentage of the car market LEASES their vehicles?

There are reasons that a high number of people prefer to LEASE making leasing a car the mainstream alternative.

  • Monthly payments are usually lower (According to Edmunds, on average, monthly lease payments are 23% lower than monthly financing payments. )

  • You can drive a higher-end car that for less money

  • If you lease a newer car, you will spend less time in the garage

  • If you sign with the right brokers, you can limit your lease so that you can switch up your car sooner

  • You do not have to sell your car when you want to move on to a new car

  • If your car is for your business (i.e. company car for employees or a fleet car) it may mean tax advantages

  • You just drop off the car at the dealership or with your broker at the end of the lease

  • If you need to get out of a lease before it expires, you can do a lease transfer, and get a new car

  • Easier to transition to a new car as circumstances change (even if only due to change in weather)

  • With the right broker (like Smart Deal Auto) you could even switch up your lease for the newer model when it comes out, as we have contacts for special deals at select dealerships

Leasing is by far, the Smart Deal Auto broker’s most popular option with the lowest monthly payments to fit any budget.

how many people lease a car


and get the car you want to lease TODAY!

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